The African Sorcerer – witches and spells

So – you want to be a sorcerers apprentice? Sorcery is a calling, and it is something to careful of – very careful. The African Sorcerer – witches, wizards, Sangomas, witch doctors and spell making, traditional healers, sorceresses, curses – all of these crafts have their dark side and light side. Much of the information is in other languages – like healing in Latin – the secrets are very closely guarded and you will have to commit your self to the craft with all your being – or no sorcerer will keep you. Sangomas in South Africawill not take just anybody – you will have to have been called by the ancestors. These practitioners can teach a person how to spell – and it is often powerful magic!

What is a traditional healer?

This is a healer that uses ancient knowledge to heal people. In the case of Sangomas, the person claims to get guidance and knowledge from the ancestors. In the case of witch doctors the knowledge is passed through generations – with apprentices taken from the family. Herbalists are a little different - the craft can be learn’t without a calling – but many Sangomas and witchdoctors are also herbalists – using natural remedies to heal the sick.

How to spell is a huge subject – littered with a lot of nonsense – seekers of true knowledge know this – looking to put a spell on someone – or a curse, is not something to be lightly played with. Powerful spells require powerful Sangomas or witches. The Sorcerer will go through extensive training – like Sangoma training – not an easy thing. Training to be a powerful witch is something that takes a lifetime commitment – so if your plan is to throw a simple love spell – or a money spell, it is a lot easier to find a sorcerer to do the spells for you. Much of the occult knowledge from the past is written in Latin and other, now extinct languages. Healing in Latin and other languages holds much of the lost dark arts – and probably just as well. What is a traditional healer? - people who are called by the ancestors and then do Sangoma training can be called true Sangomas - Sangomas in South Africa are very influential – with many many followers and believers – the trade is filled with many impostors though – the absolute belief that African have in their culture for witch doctor and Sangomas allows these con men to fleece many ignorant people.

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